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C&B Fire Department is a 100% volunteer fire department in Berkeley County, SC. We are dispatched as Company 4 by Berkeley County Emergency Services south repeater on frequency 154.2500. We are always looking for new volunteers that live in our district, experienced or not. Our fire district covers Sangaree, Royle Rd, Woodside, Hwy 78 from South Point to College Park Rd, and I-26 from 199 to the 203. Active volunteers qualify for a $3000 state income tax deduction. If you are interested, stop by our HQ station on Tuesdays at 1900 or Saturdays at 0900. And before you ask, C&B stands for Charleston and Berkeley Counties, because we serve both.


C&B Fire Department HQ - This is our main station which is mentioned in the history of the fire department below. It is located at 509 Royle Road in Ladson, SC near Interstate 26.



C&B Fire Department was organized September 8, 1962 by concerned citizens with a desire to save lives and protect properties of those living in and around their community.  As funds were not available, activities sponsored by the fire department helped raise the money needed for its operation. Donations come from resident and businessmen within the tri-county area.  People worked long and hard to erect the structure and we commend those who contributed so much of their time, money, and all out effort.

In 1973 people who were mostly military got involved and implemented new ideas and goals.  More equipment was purchased, the station was enlarged several times, the number of personnel grew and soon it became apparent that we had outgrown our facilities. In early 1988 we began the process of designing a new fire station and looking around for reasonable funding.  We applied and were approved to get an FmHA community loan for $398,100.  The architect designed a four-bay two story fire station with a one story dispatch/kitchen area attached.  He tried to include all our wants and desires within the budget limitations.  Construction began December 31, 1991 on new property donated to us by the same individual that had donated the land for the old station.  We officially moved into the new station on October 12, 1992.  About a month later we turned the old station over to our benefactor.


C&B Fire Department Benchmark Station - This is our secondary station built in 2004, located at the corner of Highway 78 and Benchmark Industrial Park, across from the Ladson Fairgrounds.



The fire department has seen many faces come and go; seen the good time and the bad, and above all, it has been able to stand.  Today it is one of the most highly recognized departments in our state.  From a budget of less than one hundred dollars to tens of thousands, from a few volunteers to many, from no ISO rating to a class 5 rating, and from one fire truck to eight pieces of apparatus including a 1750 GPM rescue pumper equipped with Hurst Rescue tools.  We are still growing and striving to better serve the people within the C&B Fire Department district.